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British Columbia, Canada

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British Columbia, Canada - Information And Facts

Official Website: http://www.gov.bc.ca/

Year 2000 Dollars Providence Rank
Median Income, 2000 54,840 5

Capitol - Victoria

Area - British Columbia has an area of approximately 364,764 sq miles (944,735 sq km). The province is rectangular in shape and its extreme dimensions are 810 miles (1,310 km) from north to south, and 780 miles (1,250 km) from east to west. Elevations range from sea level to 15,299 feet (4,663 m). British Columbia’s shoreline along the Pacific Ocean, including the coasts of islands and land bordering estuaries, is 20,348 miles (32,747 km) long.
The province is the only part of Canada on the Pacific Ocean, and it includes Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands off the western coast. British Columbia is Canada’s third largest province in area and population. Much of British Columbia is rugged and mountainous. More than half the population lives in the southwestern corner of the province, which includes the largest city, Vancouver, and the provincial capital, Victoria.

Climate - Climatic conditions vary greatly within small distances in this mountainous region. Coastal British Columbia has a mild climate and winters are wet and cool with summers being warm especially in the south. The average coastal temperature is about 0C (32F) in January and in July ranges between 16 and 21C (60 and 70F). Ocean winds bring large amounts of precipitation to the coastal area, especially in autumn and winter. The interior (eastern and northeastern) parts of the province have a more extreme climate. Winters are cold, summers warm, and there is moderate precipitation. Average temperatures range from -15 to -10C (5 to 14F) in January, to between 16 and 22C (60 and 74F) in July. The lowest temperature ever recorded in British Columbia was -58.9C (-74 F), in Smith River in 1947. The highest temperature ever recorded was 44.4C (111.9F), at Lillooet in 1941.

British Columbia Flag
British Columbia Flag
British Columbia, Canada Official Flower - Pacific Dogwood
Official Flower - Pacific Dogwood

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