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New York Information and Facts

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New York Information

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The population of New York in 2002 was 19,134,293. Its rank was 3rd in the nation. (The District of Columbia is included for ranking purposes.)

Per Capita Personal Income

In 2002 New York had a per capita personal income of $35,805. This per capita personal income ranked 6th in the United States and was 116 percent of the national average, $30,906. The 2002 per capita personal income reflected an increase of 0.5 percent from 2001. The 2001-2002 national change was 1.2 percent. In 1992 the per capita personal income of New York was $24,867 and ranked 4th in the United States. The 1992-2002 average annual growth rate of per capita personal income was 3.7 percent. The average annual growth rate for the nation was 4.0 percent.

Total Personal Income

In 2002 New York had a total personal income of $685,110,458. This total personal income ranked 2nd in the United States. In 1992 the total personal income of New York was $453,736,621 and ranked 2nd in the United States. The 2002 total personal income reflected an increase of 0.8 percent from 2001. The 2001-2002 national change was 2.3 percent. The 1992-2002 average annual growth rate of total personal income was 4.2 percent. The average annual growth rate for the nation was 5.2 percent.

Components of Personal Income

Total personal income includes net earnings by place of residence; dividends, interest, and rent; and total personal current transfer receipts received by the residents of New York. In 2002 net earnings accounted for 66.4 percent of total personal income (compared with 65.6 in 1992); dividends, interest, and rent were 16.4 percent (compared with 18.4 in 1992); and personal current transfer receipts were 17.2 percent (compared with 15.9 in 1992). From 2001 to 2002 net earnings decreased 0.6 percent; dividends, interest, and rent increased 0.5 percent; and personal current transfer receipts increased 7.1 percent. From 1992 to 2002 net earnings increased on average 4.3 percent each year; dividends, interest, and rent increased on average 3.0 percent; and personal current transfer receipts increased on average 5.0 percent.

Employment Earnings

Earnings of persons employed in New York decreased from $552,413,254 in 2001 to $546,721,454 in 2002, a decrease of 1.0 percent. The 2001-2002 national change was 1.5 percent. The average annual growth rate from the 1992 estimate of $355,601,603 to the 2002 estimate was 4.4 percent. The average annual growth rate for the nation was 5.3 percent.

Area - New York has an area of 139,831 sq km (53,989 sq mi), including 4890 sq km (1888 sq mi) of inland water, 2528 sq km (976 sq mi) of coastal water, and 10,104 sq km (3901 sq mi) of that portion of the Great Lakes over which it has jurisdiction. Among the states it ranks 27th in size. The greatest distance within the state, exclusive of the islands, is about 480 km (about 300 mi) from north to south, while from east to west it measures about 510 km (about 315 mi). The average elevation is about 300 m (about 1000 ft). The principal islands belonging to the state are Manhattan Island, which forms the core of New York City; Staten Island, also a borough of New York City; and Long Island, which extends 190 km (118 mi) east from the southern tip of the state. On its western end, Long Island contains two more boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn and Queens.

Climate - The climate of New York is generally humid. Variations in terrain, elevation, and exposure to bodies of water cause variations in climate. The coastal area has higher temperatures, less frost, less cloudiness, and fewer storms. Upstate lowlands are subject to considerable extremes in temperature, especially during winter when cold air from Canada and the interior invade the state. In summer, warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and southeastern United States may bring rains, although cloudless skies generally prevail. Average January temperatures range from -9C (16 F) in the Adirondacks to 1C (33 F) in New York City. The July average is 19 C (66 F) in the Adirondacks and 25 C (77 F) in New York City. The Great Lakes, the Finger Lakes, and the Atlantic Ocean are important modifiers of temperature. Whereas the Adirondacks have an average growing season, or period without killing frosts, of only about 100 days a year, the Finger Lakes area, the Great Lakes shores, and the Hudson Valley have a much greater number. New York City and most of Long Island have a growing season of more than 200 days. Most of the state normally has close to 1,000 mm (40 in) of rain annually. Precipitation is quite evenly distributed throughout the year, with sufficient amounts of rain during the growing season to support agriculture. There are, however, occasional dry periods. The wettest areas are the southern slopes of the Adirondacks and the Black River valley, where the normal average precipitation exceeds 1,320 mm (52 in) per year. The driest areas are found in northern and western areas, along Lake Champlain, the Saint Lawrence River, and Lake Ontario. The plains of the Eastern Lake section from Buffalo east to the Adirondacks frequently are subjected to blizzard- like storms, and a single storm may pile up more than 1 m (3 ft) of snow. The Tug Hill upland south of Watertown and directly east of Lake Ontario receives the largest annual snowfall. More than 8900 mm (350 in) of snowfall has been recorded there in a single winter.

New York State Flag
State Flag
New York State Flower
State Flower - Rose

State Capitol - Albany
The first constitution of 1777 was replaced by new ones in 1822, 1846, and 1894. There have been nine constitutional conventions, the last one held in 1967. Its proposals were overwhelmingly defeated by the voters. However, the voters have accepted many of the amendments submitted to them after passage by two consecutive sessions of the legislature.

Famous People

Aaron Copland composer, Brooklyn
Agnes de Mille choreographer, NYC
Alfred Emanuel Smith politician, NYC
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt reformer, humanitarian, NYC
Barbara Stanwyck actress, Brooklyn
Barbra Streisand singer, actress, NYC
Billy Joel singer, composer, Hicksville
Bret Harte writer, Albany
Bruce Cooper Clark general, Adams
Chamique Holdsclaw basketball player, Flushing
Charles Evans Hughes jurist, Glen Falls
Chico, Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo Marx comedians, NYC
Christopher Reeve actor, spokesperson, Manhattan
Claire Danes actress, NYC
Edith Wharton author, NYC
Edward Hopper painter, Nyack
Ethel Merman singer, actress, Astoria
Eugene O'Neill playwright, NYC
Frank Langellaactor, Bayonne
Frank Winfield Woolworth merchant, Rodman
Franklin D. Roosevelt U.S. president, Hyde Park
George Abbott stage producer, Forestville
George Babcock inventor, Unadilla Forks
George Eastman inventor, Waterville
George Gershwin composer, Brooklyn
George Pullman inventor, Brocton
George Westinghouse Jr. inventor, Central Bridge
Gertrude Belle Elion inventor, NYC
Henry James author, NYC
Henry Louis Gehrig baseball player, NYC
Herman Melville author, NYC
Humphrey Bogart actor, NYC
Jackie Gleason comedian, actor, Brooklyn
James Cagney actor, NYC
Jerome Kern composer, NYC
John D. Rockefeller industrialist, Richford
John Jay jurist, NYC
John N. Willys indrustrialist, Canandaiqua
Jonas Salk polio researcher, NYC
Julia Ward Howe poet, social reformer, NYC
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar basketball player, NYC
Leland Stanford railroad magnate, Watervliet
Linus Yale inventor, Salisbury
Louis Comfort Tiffany painter, craftsman, NYC
Lucille Ball actress, Jamestown
Mae West actress, Brooklyn
Margaret Sanger birth control, Corning
Maria Callas soprano, NYC
Martin Van Buren U.S. president, Kinderhook
Michael Jeffery Jordan basketball player, Brooklyn
Mickey Rooney actor, Brooklyn
Millard Fillmore U.S. president, Locke
Norman Rockwell painter, illustrator, NYC
Ogden Nash poet, Rye
Paddy Chayefsky playwright, NYC
Peter Cooper industrialist, philanthropist, NYC
Red Jacket Seneca chief
Rise Stevens mezzo-soprano, NYC
Rockwell Kent painter, Terrytown
Rosie O'Donnel comedian, Commach
Sammy Davis, Jr. actor, singer, NYC
Sarah Gellar actress, NYC
Sean Combs Puff Daddy music, NYC
Theodore Roosevelt U.S. president, NYC
Tom Cruise actor, Syracuse
Tupac Shakur rapper, Bronx
Victor Lasky author, Liberty
Vince Lombardi football coach, NYC
Walt Whitman poet, West Hills
Washington Irving author, NYC
Willis Haviland Carrier inventor, Angola

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