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How To Add Your Informational Listing

This is a great way for you to add authority to your company and drive targeted traffic to your site. The document must contain a focused subject relevant to a category within this site.
Example can be found here: Vinyl Replacement Windows

How We List

  • Listings are sorted by the Name of the document category and author. This does "not" affect the search engine that is integrated within this site which is based solely on the relevancy of the search term used.
  • We will read your article and choose a title for your document.
  • It will be listed as "Title-Author" in the most relevant category chosen from it's content.
  • We will not show any favoritism towards/against any site or listing.
  • You will receive a email confirming your category listing(s).
  • If you disagree with the listings title/category we will try to accommodate you whenever possible but we will make the ultimate decision.
  • Please check all documents for spelling and grammatical errors as this will reflect upon you as the author and our site in general.

What We Offer

  • Free Listing - We will list your informational page including Authors Name and URL of your site.
  • Free informational listings will appear within 1-10 days upon submission. You will also receive one free listing in a topical category.

Terms Of Service Agreement for Informational Listings

We do "not" allow any type of adult related material or merchandise to be sold or viewable through your listing. The information given in your listing must be true and accurate. We will review your listings URL approximately every 4-6 weeks and will immediately remove your listings URL if you fail to adhere to these terms of service. We reserve the write to reject any/all listings for any reason upon submitting. If your listing is rejected you will not receive an explanation by email.

All listing must be originally authored by the submitter. Upon submission of any article you are granting The Home Improvement Web rights to post this article with your name as the author and URL. The Home Improvement Web or it's owners will not be held responsible for any article or it's contents, including but not limited to it's accuracy or rights of ownership. Articles cannot contain hyperlinks.
Articles have a minimum length of 400 words and a maximum length of 1200 words as a general rule.

"By clicking Proceed this confirms I have read and agree to the above terms of agreement and information given within this page."

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