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B-Dry System - Pennsylvania Waterproofing

B-Dry NEPA waterproofing company offers basement waterproofing drainage systems and permanent waterproof sealer for leaky basements or flooding. All waterproofing projects include a lifetime warranty!

A warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it. You'll feel confident to know that the B-Dry System which they Warrant For The Lifetime Of Your Home has been thoroughly reviewed by F.H.A (Federal Housing Administration), H.U.D (Housing and Urban Development) and B.O.C.A.(Building Officials and Code Administrators). B.O.C.A. writes the building codes.

The B-Dry System is a basement waterproofing process that has also been proven to be so unique and so effective in solving basement water leakage problems that it was awarded a 1986 United States Government Patent.

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