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Anta Plumbing and Drain


Toronto area business owners and homeowners rely on Anta Plumbing Inc. licensed plumbing services to solve their plumbing challenges. Their team of clean, uniformed, professional plumbers is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and dedicated to locating and solving your problem quickly and effectively.

AnTa Plumbing and Drain provides general plumbing, draining, waterproofing, and basement lowering. They offer reasonable prices and the highest quality. They provide individual plans to the smallest repairs all the way to large commercial projects. Their service is not only technical work but also their attention is on their customers plumbing and drain (sewer) or water supply line problems.

They are renowned for their reliable, efficient, and particularly their ability to solve problematical situations for their clients. Highly skilled teams find the best solutions for rehabilitation work.

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