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Need a commercial general contractor/handyman or facilities repairman to take care of your commercial building in Washington DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia? They provide basic facility repair and renovation services from bringing buildings up to code to fixing mistakes in new and old construction. If you've recently purchased a new commercial facility but need to rearrange rooms, install fixtures or otherwise renovate the place, give them a call. Even if you're not sure just what needs to be done, they offer flexible, affordable service you can trust so you don't have to worry about developing relationships with other contractors.

From general contracting to tiling, wall repair and electrical installation, they take care of it all so you don't have to. Their wide range of services allows them to be your one-stop shop. Rather than running up a separate electrician's bill, plumber's bill, tiling bill, painter's bill and carpenter's bill, you can consolidate all those services into one. Simply tell them your vision for your tenants' workspace and they'll do everything. They're like general contractors in that sense, though their services tend to be less expensive because they don't handle new building. They just transform existing commercial buildings into feasible work spaces.

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