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The Plumbing information category offers information, diy (do-it-yourself) tips, and how-to articles and publications related to Plumbing for your home, property, or small business.

Plumbing Information & Tips

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A History of Plumbing and the Clawfoot Tub
A History of Plumbing and the Clawfoot Tub article provides tips and information on plumbing and the clawfoot tub.

Assessing the Value of Antique Clawfoot Tubs
Assessing the Value of Antique Clawfoot Tubs article provides tips and information on appraising a vintage clawfoot tub.

Avoiding and Clearing Blocked or Clogged Drains
Blocked drains can be expensive. In reoccurring cases a plumber may need to completely excavate your sewer. By detecting a blockage early on though, you may be able reduce the cost involved...

Bathroom Faucet Selection Tips and How To Information
This article "Bathroom Remodeling Made Easy" provides bathroom faucet selection tips and how-to information.

Cast Iron Vitreous Enameled Baths
This article describes the original Victorian process for manufacturing cast iron vitreous enamel baths which stood the test of time until the advent of abrasive cleaners in the 1950s. When cleaned properly without abrasives, enamel baths should last indefinitely.

Choosing A Stainless Steel Undermount Sink
Stainless steel undermount sinks offer a modern, clean look while also offering the benefit of a hygienic workspace. Undermount sinks do not suffer the same failings as drop-in sinks where food and grime collect under their rim.

Clawfoot Tub Installation Instructions
Clawfoot Tub Installation Instructions article provides general guidelines for the installation of a clawfoot tub.

Home Humidifier Maintenance Tips
Humidifier water panels will get lime, mold, bacteria and fungus build up on them that is not only unhealthy but will also cause fowl orders through out your home.

How To Solder Copper Pipe Instructions
How To Solder Copper Pipe article provides instructions, tips, and how-to information on soldering copper pipe or tubing for your home.

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