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Polaris Technologies

Their heritage dates back to the days when their manufacturing consisted of storm windows, storm doors, and aluminum replacement windows. In 1979, they became one of the first companies to embrace the introduction of vinyl to the window and door industry. At this point in history their marketing geography was primarily centered in the Midwest, basically Ohio and the contiguous states. In 1990, after some ten years of research and development, they applied the technology, the innovation of design, and the manufacturing expertise that was making them so successful in the market place and introduced the Polaris brand of vinyl windows. The name Polaris was chosen because it represents the North Star, the light used for centuries by travelers to find their way into the future and so the name Polaris Technologies was born.

Today, Polaris Technologies distributes products nationally. They have two manufacturing plants in the Youngstown, Ohio area that gives them nearly 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Polaris Technologies is recognized throughout the industry as a dynamic leader in product innovation and design. They are often chosen by leading vendors in the industry to partner on the development and prototyping of new industry innovations.

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