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The GHOSTSHIELD product line manufactured by Kretetek is the most comprehensive set of concrete sealing offerings on the market. Featuring sodium silicates, lithium silicates, silane/siloxanes, acrylics, epoxies, and other components offering extreme durability.

  • formulas are backed by a lifetime warranty
  • formulas outperform and outlast the competition
  • formulas overprotect concrete permanently bonding and strengthening from within
  • products are the most advanced, longest lasting concrete sealers, waterproofers and coatings
  • formulas are chemically reactive sealers designed with a smaller atomic structure allowing the deepest penetration
  • formulas are concentrated giving the end user more bang for their buck since they are not paying to ship water
  • products are ahead of the curve with their molecular nanotechnology formulas
  • products are formulated to prevent protect and withstand water, weather, efflorescence, mold, mildew, radon, salt degradation & chemicals
  • formulas are high quality products; not your average sealers
  • products are the most technologically advanced, best concrete sealers on the market today
  • formulas are the most innovative products, exhaustively tested by a team of expert experienced technicians
  • products are manufactured by Kretetek Industries, an award winning company with a reputation for excellence

Kretetek Industries manufactures concrete sealing products marketed to architects, engineers and contractors designed to provide long-lasting protection for their concrete projects. An innovator and leader in a crowded industry, Kretetek offers a wide range of high-quality products exhaustively tested to ensure optimal performance.

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