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Profile of Industrial Protective Paints Ltd - Industrial Floor Paint


Industrial Protective Paints Ltd - Industrial Floor Paint


Industrial Protective Paints Ltd they have been manufacturing paints for floor, metal, wood and masonry for over 30 years at their UK factory. Their reliable floor paints are for busy industrial areas and those receiving a high level of heavy duty vehicle traffic. Each paint comes in the choice of 12 different colours, and cater to individual and large commercial orders - so it doesn't matter if you need 5 litres, or 500.

They are the registered owners of the 'Regal' trade mark and are the only UK company licensed to sell paints and coatings under this brand name. Being a long-established UK-based paint manufacturer, they're proud to produce all their products at home in England whilst still offering some of the lowest prices you can find.

They pride themselves on the quality of their paint and on the level of customer-service that they offer. From choosing the correct product for your job to technical and application advice and aftercare, they are more than happy to pass on their experienced technical and product knowledge.

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