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Diamond Spas, Inc.

The DSI bath line consists of soaking baths, whirlpools, hot tubs and Japanese baths, all contributing to pampering one's inner self. Complete stainless steel or copper bath ensembles can be fabricated to compliment your choice of bath. Shower pans, pedestal, countertop and vessel lavatories all come together harmoniously, creating a modern and inviting bathroom. Let Diamond Spas elevate the level of your bathroom from merely functional to a tranquil haven devoted to beauty and relaxation.

Diamond Spas also fabricates stainless steel spas and hot tubs. There is no other spa or hot tub on the market that can stand up to the durability of stainless steel. DSI has built commercial and residential spas and hot tubs customized to fit the needs of their clients. They encourage you to explore the DSI line.

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