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CaluTech UV Air Purifiers

UV air purifiers are not just for allergies!
UV is known to destroy many virus types, mold, and bacteria. If you suffer from asthma or allergies you should consider germicidal air purifier methods.
If you have a newer home you need UV air. New homes are built air tight. The Blue UV Air Purifier produces 24,000 microwatts of UVGI - ultraviolet germicidal irradiation every second! The powerful ultraviolet air purifier by CaluTech air purifiers turn indoor air quality into cleaner air and reduce indoor air pollution.

CaluTech Offers Top Rated Consumer Air Purifiers & Air Cleaners

The Calutech Blue, Calutech DSL, Calutech Hurricane, and Airtronics Clear Air are UV air purifiers manufactured by Calutech in the U.S.A. Calutech offers all items to consumers worldwide. Calutech has distributors in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Central America, South America, Canada, and soon Europe. The company is a registered medical device manufacturer with the FDA.

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