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Air Filters by OxyClean

Sells all types of air filters, including media, HEPA, humidifier, pleated filters. They also offer discount pricing on all humidifiers and room air purifiers.

Using air purifiers, whether it be a centrally located unit or a room air purifier, is the most effective single way to clean the air in your home or office. A true air purifier will use a HEPA air filter. There is nothing better than HEPA air filters for home or office. The air purifier should be combined with a media air filter for maximum results.

If you suffer from allergies, this air filtration set-up will benefit you the most. If you do not have allergies, keep in mind that inside air has been found to be as much as 70 times more polluted than outside air in some homes. Allergy or not, a system composed of an air purifier and a MERV 11 or MERV 12 air filter will provide you and your family with cleaner air for better health, and a cleaner home.

They offer FREE delivery to your home or office on all their products!

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