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Borderland Rustic Hardware


Borderland Rustic Hardware is a family-owned hardware company specialized in crafting high-quality iron hardware products. Each of their pieces are handmade from start to finish by experienced metal artisans, skilled in the age-old casting method lost wax process.

Borderland Rustic Hardware specializes in hand forging high-quality, beautiful hardware including rustic clavos, decorative iron door nails, rustic pull handles for gates, doors, and cabinets, as well as rustic hinges, latches, and bolts. Their rustic hardware products beautifully accentuate your home and other projects and are carefully built to ensure they will function for many years to come.

Their talented metal artisans hand forged each piece using the lost wax process. This bronze casting method allows them deliver premium quality rustic hardware products to their customers. They also accept custom orders.

Visit them today and explore their rustic and bronze hardware collections!

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