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Brazetek - Heat Exchangers


Brazetek.com is the largest internet distributor of water to air, brazed plate, and shell & tube heat exchangers. The website's product selection, competitive pricing and free shipping option has made it an online destination of choice for residential, commercial, or industrial heat transfer solutions.

Brazetek offers a complete line of quality, compact, efficient and low cost brazed plate heat exchangers (also known as water to water heat exchangers) for a wide range of water to water and liquid to liquid heat transfer applications.

Offering lightweight, durable and highly efficient finned coil heat exchanger models (also known in the industry as water to air heat exchangers) used primarily for residential and light commercial forced air heating and cooling applications.

Their extensive selection of shell and tube heat exchangers - ST series are all-316L Stainless Steel models and STX series are all-Titanium models. These water to water heat exchangers are suitable for processing a wide range of fluids, including water (ST for chlorinated pool water, STX for salt water and marine), dairy, glycols, hydraulic oil, chemicals and many others. Although most commonly used as swimming pool heat exchangers, Brazetek shell and tube heat exchangers can be utilized in projects such as solar and radiant floor heating, snow melting, oil cooling, heat recovery and others.

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