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WindoTherm - Window Insulation

Windo-Therm panels are not storm windows, nor are they replacement windows. They are window insulation - a window insulation panel made to insulate those existing drafty windows that you may have now.
Windo-Therm window insulating panels offer:

  • A reduction in your heating bill by as much as 55% each year (Tested by Sigma Psi Engineering, an independent laboratory).
  • Elimination of the condensation and the resulting poor visibility, wood rot, and mold damage caused by condensation.
  • Comfortable warmth in winter and improved cooling performance in summer.
  • Added sound deadening to outside noise
  • Easy handling with minimum maintenance
  • A 10-year warranty

If you currently are using storm windows or have older less efficient drafty windows Windo-Therm is the solution!

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