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Profile of Hardwood Lumber Suppliers - US Lumber Broker


Hardwood Lumber Suppliers - US Lumber Broker


Hardwood distributors, US Lumber Brokers, are suppliers of a variety of wood species including; redwood, cypress, walnut, and mesquite wood. They provide quality wood for all your building and construction material needs.

With 25 years of experience in the building materials industry, US Lumber Brokers has set the bar for quality and attention to detail in the ever changing construction environment. The vast network of mills here and abroad have enabled unsurpassed products and availability of even the most unique building materials. Along side US Lumber Brokers, Austin Millworks and Timbers works with the finest and most complex of milling applications.

US Lumber Brokers is committed to providing the absolute best material brokering experience possible. With their extensive network of vendors across the United States every project is within their reach. They promise after your first experience using US Lumber Brokers your repeat business is Guaranteed!

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