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"When contemplating the remodeling of your bathroom there are some basic decisions to make and some things to keep in mind before you get started."

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The bathroom is the most "used" room of your residence. That is what makes bathrooms the most remodeled room in the industry. Many customers have looked into designs featured in magazines, or viewed bathroom products in local showrooms. Magazines often tend to suppress some of the owners ideas when they list the average bathroom remodel of costing $10-12,000 and more. We find these estimates to be very high and the "average" bathroom remodel ranges from $4,500 - 8,000.00 completed by us. That is not to say you cannot spend $10-20,000.00 on a bathroom, but at those price points we are normally doing extensive changes to the structure and layout, or adding a bathroom. On average for the year 2001 the owner could expect to recoup approximately 85% upon the sale of the home when using a professional to remodel their bathroom.

When contemplating the remodeling of your bathroom there are some basic decisions to make and some things to keep in mind before you get started. Make sure that you set a budget that you can afford, and will allow you to add value, comfort and convenience over the existing bathroom. The following will affect both the time involved in completing your project and the total cost.

  • Will you be replacing all of your fixtures?
  • Will you be keeping the fixtures in their original layout?
  • Do you have other facilities to use during the remodeling project?

Sometimes you may want just a new tub or tub/shower unit and control valve (faucet). When choosing this option remember you will probably also be changing the existing floor covering. Seldom does the new tub/shower unit cover where the old flooring conformed to. Also depending upon what " type" of flooring is in place or to be used you may have to remove the existing fixtures (trim and mouldings, toilet, vanity etc). In doing this the labor cost for removing and re-installing these items will be included in the total proposed price for the project. Keep this in mind when choosing to replace "only" the tub/shower unit. The cost of labor when replacing these items with new fixtures is not that large of a increase compared to re-installing the old fixtures etc.

If you are changing the existing configuration of your fixture placement we can help you design a plan that conforms to your existing room size or help you plan a design that will maximize available adjoining or newly created space. This is a very important step. When done properly, you will increase the value of your home and make the transition almost transparent. When done improperly, you will have spent thousands of dollars to make a larger bathroom that adds nothing to the value, comfort, or convenience. When you are changing the fixture placement of your bathroom it is also important to have other facilities available while the project is being completed. If you have another full bathroom located at your residence this does not usually pose a problem. If you have a half bath you can sometimes add a shower stall in your basement area that will lessen the inconvenience of the project. Make sure when changing the layout of your bathroom that you are doing it for two reasons - adding space and convenience. Try to think of all the details when designing your bathroom. Things that "will" make a difference in your new bathroom upon everyday usage. These include planning fixture placement, lighting, and will even include simple items, as adding a phone jack by a spa tub, adding built-in cabinetry for linens, or planning wall space for a convenient towel bar etc. Some of these items may sound like common sense, but they are often overlooked by the designer. We have seen many "expensive" and so-called professionally designed bathrooms that you had to walk across the room from the tub/shower to get a towel.

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