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Bathroom Lighting Selection

"The right choice of bathroom lighting will add ambience and elegance to your bathroom and at the same time be bright and functional."

Bathroom Lighting

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Good bathroom lighting is an essential component of overall bathroom design. The right choice of bathroom lighting will add ambience and elegance to your bathroom and at the same time be bright and functional. Good bathroom design ultimately includes good lighting.

The most appealing lighting comes from fixtures equipped with incandescent bulbs behind glass or plastic diffusers. If you decide to use energy-efficient fluorescents, ensure that you choose fluorescent bulbs with warm white tones for the best results.

You may like to consider the installation of recessed infrared heat lamps to keep out the chill on a cold winter's morning. And the use of heated lights with an exhaust fan will not only provide warmth but the fan will ensure the bathroom is kept steam free, thus reducing the build up of mold and mildew in the bathroom.

Be mindful of where the lighting is installed, and try to avoid placing the lighting so that it casts shadows. After all you want shadow free lighting for shaving, grooming and applying make-up.

Bath bar lights or wall sconces on either side of your wall mirror are an ideal way to light a small bathroom. The correct type of lighting will enhance a small bathroom and make it appear larger.

For larger bathrooms you will probably need to consider additional wall lights, overhead ceiling lights or recessed lighting to achieve a satisfactory effect.

Place enclosed damp-area recessed down lights in the ceilings to ensure that the tub and shower areas are adequately lit. Down lights are also recommended over whirlpool baths or in saunas.

Three different sources of light are generally recommended for bathrooms.

1. Overhead lighting

Recessed lighting is a popular choice for overhead bathroom lighting, however if this is your choice ensure that you have adequate lighting around your vanity so that you don't create shadows over the vanity mirror.

2. Accent lighting

Accent lighting is an optional feature that can really add a sense of warmth or provide an interesting emphasis to different areas of your bathroom. If you have a feature area in your bathroom then accent lighting is the key to accentuating the focus. Accent lighting should be used in conjunction with general lighting.

3. Task lighting

Task lighting is used to brighten an area of your bathroom that requires extra lighting such as a medicine cabinet or shower recess. Lighting placed on either side of the vanity mirror or medicine cabinet is the best way to ensure even illumination when looking in your vanity mirror. Hollywood style strip lighting is another method of illuminating the vanity mirror. This consists of round bulbs surrounding the mirror and is very suitable for an art deco look in your bathroom.

Bathroom lighting is available in a variety of materials including chrome, stainless steel, polished steel and of course glass and plastic. And don't forget the use of chandeliers in a large bathroom, to create an elegant look.

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