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Conservatory Building Information

"A well chosen conservatory can create more living space, enable you to enjoy the changes of natural light, provide a relaxing environment, enhance your home's exterior and interior and increase the value to your property."

Choosing A Conservatory

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A well chosen conservatory can create more living space, enable you to enjoy the changes of natural light, provide a relaxing environment, enhance your home's exterior and interior and increase the value to your property.

In the winter and early spring when the temperatures outside are low and the weather inclement, a conservatory can provide a warm, light-filled space in which to view the garden and outside world. On warm days it becomes a delightful sun lounge extension to your garden.

The possibilities are endless, not only does a conservatory act as a transition from your home to the garden it can reflect your style and add an exciting dimension to any house.

Summer or All Year Round

The first important question you need to ask yourself is - What will I be using my conservatory for?

Do you just want a sun lounge for use during the warmer months, or a room that you can use comfortably all year round?

If you'd like an occasional room then a full height and fully glazed conservatory is often a good option, perhaps a lean-to style which will overlook the garden.

For an all year room double glazed frames, cavity dwarf walls and a roof with at least 16 mm polycarbonate are recommended. Further insulation can be provided with cavity wall insulation and heating, which will be needed for the winter months and evenings.

Location and Size

An important consideration is the location and size of the conservatory. Try not to opt for too small a conservatory; to really enjoy it you need to avoid being cramped for space. You will need to consider its proportion to both the house and the garden.

Most people like to locate their conservatory next to a well-used room, such as the kitchen or living room. For many their top priority is a view of their garden. Which direction your house is facing is important, as this will affect the amount of heat and light you receive from the sun. East or west facing is generally considered the ideal choice, but with careful shading and ventilation most problems are surmountable. The decision depends on your lifestyle, the design of your property and ultimately the available space.

PVCu or Wood

The next question is do you want a PVCu or timber conservatory?

PVCu is the most popular as it is virtually maintenance free and available in many different styles and sizes. You can choose to match it with your existing windows, or the colour of your house. Traditional hardwood and aluminium are now available in most designs of conservatory.

Always buy the best conservatory you can possibly afford. Your conservatory will bring you years of pleasure, so if you can choose the best materials available - such as opting for a glass roof, or 24 or 25 mm polycarbonate, which will provide excellent insulation - it will pay you dividends over the years.

Although it's tempting, do not automatically go for the cheapest quotation. The cheapest supplier does not always supply the best product or the best service.

A conservatory should not look like an add on. By carefully matching the exterior brick work and render details it will further enhance the look of your home.

Finishing Touches

Why have blinds in your conservatory?

They reduce the glare and high temperatures - vital if you have conservatory plants. It will also help prevent sunlight fading the carpets or furniture.

Having blinds will also give you greater privacy if you are overlooked, and finish off the look to your new stylish living space. There are plenty of designs available including Venetian style, pleated and roller blinds.

On a cold but sunny day a well-chosen conservatory design can let you feel as if you are sitting in a warm, sheltered corner of the garden. Who cares if it rains!

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