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"Joinery, is the making of wooden joints and is one of the most important functions of the carpenter and cabinetmaker."

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Joinery, is the making of wooden joints and is one of the most important functions of the carpenter and cabinetmaker. Wood, being a natural material, is not uniform in quality, and moisture, present in the tree during growth and is uneven in cut wood. Wood used for building is subject to movement caused by the humidity of the surrounding air or placement area of the project. Though such movement is frequently quite small and accurately predictable, it remains a critical consideration in joint design. Because wood has been used as a building material for hundreds of years throughout the world, the designs of most joints were perfected centuries ago.

The object of the joint is to fix two wood members/pieces together so that the joint has the greatest possible strength and is as tight as possible. Joints fall into a few basic groups, many being variations on fundamentally simple ideas. Practically all are based on handwork, and with only a few exceptions most machine-made joints follow the traditional patterns; most joints rely to a considerable extent on a combination of fit and glue for their strength. Common types of joints include dovetail joints, used for joining two flat members together at right angles, as in the sides of a drawer box; the dowelled joint, in which boring and dowelling is used to impart strength; and the mortise and tenon joint, used to join a horizontal member with the vertical member of a frame.

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