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Ceiling Fan Tips

"Remember that there are indoor and outdoor fans, and don't place an indoor fan outdoors and vice versa."

Choosing A Ceiling Fan

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Choosing the best ceiling fan, can be easy when you know, a few excellent tips to help you in the selection process. Ceiling fans have been around for centuries and the modern fan has been available for over a hundred years and is becoming more popular every day. Ceiling fans, come in all shapes and sizes and many options have been developed that allow us get the fan that is just right for our space where we are going to hang and to make the installation of operation easier as well. The first thing that you would do is measure the room because this determines the size of the fan that you will need. A rule of thumb is that you should get a 36 or 42-inch fan for rooms up to 140 square-feet with the most efficient fans serving a room of up 250 square-feet. For a room of this size a 44 inch to 48-inch model with serve a 400 square-foot room with ease. The largest ceiling fans are over 60 inches and will serve a room of 625 square-feet.

Remember that there are indoor and outdoor fans, and don't place an indoor fan outdoors and vice versa. There are many different styles to choose from, including contemporary, futuristic, retro, traditional, and many others. Usually five blade fans are contemporary and three blade fans look futuristic. You can purchase a ceiling fan that comes with a built-in light or you can add one later, and purchase a kit separately. If you choose to add one separately later, purchase one from the same manufacturer to ensure the best fit.

When it comes to wiring your home for the right ceiling fan, Hunter Douglas ceiling fans come pre-wired with a switch that allows you to control both the ceiling fan and light from your existing to wire cable. In addition to this, most ceiling fan light combinations come equipped with a remote control that only needs wires at the ceiling box for power. Remember that when adding a fan that is fully assembled it can be very heavy, make sure that the ceiling fan is mounted on a standard light box as this area is usually reinforced and can handle the weight of your fan. Remember to purchase a fan that can be set to blow down in warm weather and up in cold weather. You'll be glad you did!

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