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"With the growing number of decorative door, cabinet and bath hardware manufacturers, there is an extensive range of products available to match into any home's décor and budget."

Door Hardware 101

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Door hardware is sometimes overlooked by homeowners and builders. It is seen as a way to cut corners and save money for the overall building budget, a small detail that gets pushed aside until the last minute and the possibility of using it as part of the decorating theme of the house is not seen. A majority of homeowners and builders are unaware of all of the options available to them as hardware consumers. With the growing number of decorative door, cabinet and bath hardware manufacturers, there is an extensive range of products available to match into any home's décor and budget.

Before you get too confused, let's go over exactly what it is you will be purchasing for your new home or building project. Residential door knob and levers are designed and built for the type of door they are to go on and the function that the hardware is there to perform. For example, you would not necessarily need to have a locking door knob or lever on a laundry room door. There are three main functions of these door knobs: passage, privacy and dummy knobs. A passage set has a basic interior latching function without a lock for a closet or pantry. Privacy sets have a lock on one side but have emergency access from the exterior and are used on bedroom and bathroom doors. Dummy sets are fixed knobs that do not turn and are most common on French-style closet doors or the inactive door of a set of double doors, possibly entering the master suite.

Homeowners usually opt for a handleset on their front entrance door and either a key-in-knob or a combination of a passage knob and a deadbolt for all other exterior doors. Another possible hardware option for a front entry door is the use of a door pull with a deadbolt. These can easily be set to operate on the same key and most door hardware suppliers provide this service free of charge.

Door knobs are reversible meaning that they can be installed on a left-handed or right-handed door, but door lever sets must be ordered differently depending on the handing of the door. To determine the handing of the door, stand outside of the door looking inside (i.e. In the hallway looking into a bedroom or outside of the house looking in through the door). From this viewpoint, if the hinges are on the right, then it is a right-handed door and if the hinges are on the left it is a left-handed door.

There are two main design styles of door hardware, mortise and tubular. A large majority of the door hardware on the market and installed in homes is tubular. This is where there are three main pieces to a door knobset: the latch that slides into the door and the two knobs for either side of the door. Mortise locks actually have a lockbox that is installed into the door and is much more complicated in the installation process and requires more pieces. For this reason, mortise locks are more expensive and when used are mainly only used on front entry doors or when restoring an older home.

Manufacturers such as California based Emtek Products make decorative hardware for doors, cabinets and bathrooms that can coordinate a theme throughout a house. This solves the problem that many designers have had in the past of trying to match hardware from various manufacturers so that the door knob into the bathroom matches the towel bars, etc. They have different collections such as their Wrought Steel and Sandcast Bronze Collections that can coordinate with the rest of your home.

Hopefully this article will get you started on your way to becoming a hardware-savvy consumer.

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