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"Decorating the exterior of your home for a memorable impression should, above all, be fun. Think about the image you want to portray to anyone who visits your home."

Create a Memorable Impression at Your Home

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How will you create a memorable first impression to your home?
Think outside, original, creative and something you don't see just about everywhere. Wouldn't that have your eyes taking note? Don't get too outlandish though! You have to maintain that delicate balance between being memorable and being tasteful. In other words, think about your idea relative to acceptability guidelines of any deed restrictions there might be in place within your neighborhood or if you might offend any overly sensitive or traditional neighbors.

Decorating the exterior of your home for a memorable impression should, above all, be fun. Think about the image you want to portray to anyone who visits your home. But also think about what's important to you, your values, the things you enjoy about homeownership and your property but perhaps haven't yet developed or emphasized enough. Don't forget that YOU need to enjoy the look and feel of your space as well.

For instance, if you like birds or birdwatching, you can add a birdfeeder and/or a birdhouse. These come in many different styles and your choice will further "tell" a bit of a story about you. Folks are likely to feel and imagine different things about you and your home when seeing your whimsical little wood cabin type birdhouse complete with a little sign that reads "Gone Fishing" on it, compared to seeing your inspirational winged angel birdfeeder holding out her gown with birdseed in it.

If you'd like to add any type of seating in your front yard or porch area, let it be practical but also let its materials and design speak to your soul. Think about making a more natural seat out of materials you have on hand or can inexpensively obtain. One of the more memorable seats I recall was simply made out of a tree trunk that had been laid down horizontally and placed strategically within the owner's landscaping plan for use as a natural log bench. Windchimes can be a memorable addition to your outdoor decor too because they add both a visual element as well as an auditory memory. The more of our five senses that are activated, the more likely we are to remember something. You'll find that the sounds of windchimes can vary greatly due to the different materials, shapes, and sizes that they are available in.
If you'd like a personalized and memorable novelty for your front yard consider getting a custom engraved rock! You can now personalize stones with an image, your family name engraved within the rock, your address and/or an important word or quotation on it. Engraved garden stones, such as these, are among some of the newer ways some homeowners are using to decorate their front yard to create memorable first and long-lasting impressions.

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Elizabeth Hekimian-Williams is owner of Giftsprings.com, an online gifts and home decor shop featuring many home decorating accessories. "For your spirit and your budget...helping you make a house your home".

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