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Christmas and Holiday Craft Ideas

"Start a new family tradition by creating handmade projects for this holiday season."

Start a Family Tradition by Creating Holiday Craft Projects


(ARA) – With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is sometimes difficult to spend quality time with your family. Start a new family tradition by creating handmade projects for this holiday season. To make greeting cards, decorations or even wrapping paper, all you need is a little inspiration, easy-to-follow instructions and the right glue.

"Instead of spending time fighting the crowds at the mall, why not enjoy an evening at home making your own unique decorations," says Sandy Moran of Perfect Glue, a trio of adhesives from the makers of Liquid Nails.

Perfect Glue offers the following ideas for personalizing your holiday season with family handmade projects:

Holiday cards and invitations: Make the season bright with old-fashioned greetings made from recycled wrapping paper, ribbon, tissue paper and glitter.

Materials needed for glitter cards: Perfect Glue 1; cardstock or blank cards; foam stamps; glitter; small paintbrush; ruler

Directions: Brush a thin coat of Perfect Glue 1 onto foam stamp. Cover all raised areas. Press firmly onto card; lift stamp away. Sprinkle "stamped" image with glitter. Dry for a few minutes before shaking off excess. Dry for an hour before excessive handling or mailing. To make a border around card -- brush on a thin line of glue around card edge. Sprinkle with glitter and allow to dry.

Heirloom-quality holiday décor: Glue decorative papers to a Styrofoam cone for the perfect-sized evergreen or put a twist on the traditional poinsettia with patterned red paper and floral wire.

Decorative Gift Boxes

Celebrate the gift-giving season by adorning unforgettable presents with bows made of various textured papers or create tiny treat boxes covered with decadent fabric and ribbon.

Advent Calendar Garland

For over 150 years, holiday advent calendars have been used as a special way to count down the days of December. Different methods have varied from drawing chalk lines and lighting candles to opening tiny doors to find a small piece of candy.

It is easy to create your own Advent Calendar that your family will treasure for years to come. This version includes 24 handmade paper stockings that can hang as garland or ornaments. Instead of candy, family members can write "gifts of kindness" on thin strips of plain paper.
Examples include: "Tonight Dad will read Jack a bedtime story" or "Tonight we'll play a family game. " Mix up the strips, slide one into each stocking and place the stockings in numerical order. Each night, a family member can pull one.

To ensure project success and longevity, use high-quality materials, such as Perfect Glue. Perfect Glue provides solutions for 99 percent of all household gluing needs covering a variety of projects, repairs and surfaces with three formulas. For more information, holiday project ideas and tips, visit or call (866) 321-GLUE.

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