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More People Turning to Professional Lighting Services

"The past few years have seen a trend of people turning to professional installers to deck their halls with eye-popping home light displays."

Light Up Your Holidays the Easy Way

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(ARA) - Even Scrooge wouldn't dare say "bah humbug" to a dazzling display of holiday lights. He'd be even happier if he didn't have to string the lights himself, and there are a growing number of companies that specialize in doing just that.

The past few years have seen a trend of people turning to professional installers to deck their halls with eye-popping home light displays. While for some individuals and families, putting up the outdoor holiday decorations is a cherished tradition, for many others it is a dreaded winter chore. These folks would rather avoid the frustrations of burned out strings of lights, working in freezing temperatures and climbing tall ladders perched on icy sidewalks.

"People who use our service choose it for a variety of reasons," says Kevin York, vice president of Christmas Decor, a Texas-based company that specializes in holiday lighting displays for homes and businesses nationwide in 47 states and Canada. "Bad weather, hard-to-reach spots, safety factors and limited time are all reasons we hear from our customers."

Hiring a professional lighting installer not only saves headaches, it also makes for a more polished look. "Our dealers go through an intensive training process that teaches them design principles as well as technical requirements," says York. "Untrained individuals can't compete with the crisp and clean look of professional installation."

Working with a professional lighting installer gives homeowners a variety of options, from simple to spectacular. For example, Christmas Decor dealers will provide customers with plans, similar to blueprints, with different design ideas. "We usually start with lights on the house and then add on from there," says York.

Other options include decorating windows, and adding landscape lighting such as staked lighting or luminaries along walks, flowerbeds and driveways. Garlands, wreaths and bows are available for ornamentation that stands out during daylight hours. Often, customers will start out simple the first year and then add on to their design in following years. "We work with the homeowner to decide what they really like and what fits their budget," says York.

Christmas Decor will install lights their customers already own, or customers can buy professional-grade lights from the company. "We have heavy duty commercial type bulbs that last 3,000 hours; most bulbs purchased in the store last only about 600 hours," says York. His company will maintain the lights the first year for customers who purchase lights through their dealer, even replacing burned out bulbs. Professional installers also take down the decorations after the holidays and will store them if the customer prefers.

Clear lights are the overwhelming top choice among customers, but colored lights are especially popular among families with kids. Adding color to the design also helps differentiate one house from another if a number of homes in a given neighborhood are professionally decorated.

Sounds good, but what would Scrooge say about the cost of hiring a professional lighting installer? The cost depends on the size of the home and how elaborately it is decorated. The average decorating job runs between $900 and $1,300. But the cost can start as low as $300 to $400. The first year tends to require the biggest investment, as customers usually opt to purchase the lights. Then the cost for the second year is about half of the first year's price.

"Whatever amount a customer feels comfortable spending, we will make sure their house looks great," York promises. Christmas Decor has 350 dealers in the U.S. and Canada. To find a dealer near you, visit the company's Web site at

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