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Purchasing Laminate Flooring Online

"An important aspect to consider when purchasing your laminate floor is the period of time you plan on staying in your home."

Choosing A Laminate Floor

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Laminate flooring is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, edge profiles and textures. The design element is obviously very important when it comes to selecting the floor that is right for you. Equally important is price and warranty.

Laminate floors range in price from $0.89s/f to $6.99s/f. As the old saying goes - You get what you pay for. An entry level laminate comes with a 10 -15 year warranty and is suited to areas with light to medium traffic. A 15 year warranty however does not mean that you floor will look good in 15 years time. The performance of the floor is influenced by the amount of traffic and wear and tear. An entry level laminate subject to medium traffic will probably start to show wear after about three to four years. Also be sure to scrutinize the warranty information, as a 15 year warranty might refer to manufacturer's defects only, while the performance warranty might only be 5 or 10 years.

An important aspect to consider when purchasing your laminate floor is the period of time you plan on staying in your home. There is no point in paying a premium and buying a floor with a 25 year warranty if you plan on selling your home in 3 - 5 years time. Conversely consider buying a laminate floor with a good warranty if you plan on living in the home for five years and longer.

Another instance when a more expensive floor with a long warranty is justified is for homes with medium to heavy traffic. High traffic would be a household with young kids and or large pets. Young kids are very active and will probably exert more wear and tear on laminate floors, consider that kids throw things on the floor as well as ride bicycles and roller blade inside the home.

Another performance consideration that most people are concerned about is the effect of pet's nails on their laminate floors. Your pets nails will scratch you laminate floors. This is more of a concern with large pets than smaller ones. If you have large dogs at home, definitely consider purchasing a floor with a good warranty, as these more expensive floors will definitely perform better under these conditions. In most instances scratches on laminate flooring is not that evident to the naked eye. Mostly because scratches are very small and the wood grain pattern tends to hide them well. Lighter and darker floors tend to show scratches more than medium color floors. Also don't fret if your laminate floors have scratches, as this is easily remedied through the use of a color coded repair kit.

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