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PCV Vinyl Garage Floor Coating

"G-Floor hides cracks and stains while protecting floors from oil, battery acid, grease, brake fluid, antifreeze, salt, mud and other dirt.."

Hot New Trend: Interior Décor for the Garage

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(ARA) - The garage is very often the last place to be recognized as a space you can decorate. Indoors and out our houses are decorated with state-of-the-art updates -- even patios have outdoor kitchens and stylish stone underfoot. The garage is one of the highest traffic areas of your home, so adding the same style there increases square footage and value to your property.

No longer just a place to store your junk, the garage has become a place to spend time and many are even heated. Freezer and pantry shelves make it an extension of the kitchen; furniture, sound system and TV make it a great place for watching football or a kids' play area when they can't play outside.

Many companies are providing everything homeowners need to upgrade the garage to the condition of the rest of the house. "Start with the flooring and work your way up from there," says Don Sneed, president of Better Life Technology. "Good floor covering improves the look, shields the floor and increases the value of the house. Roll out flooring is easy to install, durable, attractive and even comfortable to walk on."

Made of specially formulated PCV vinyl, G-Floor hides cracks and stains while protecting floors from oil, battery acid, grease, brake fluid, antifreeze, salt, mud and other dirt that finds its way into the garage. The flooring now comes in a new Metallic Silver Diamond Tread pattern that really glamorizes the floor. A design similar to Diamond Tread is found on truck bed protectors, ATV storage boxes and tool cabinets so you can "match" the floor to the equipment.

"Compared to other types of garage flooring like epoxy paint and tile, G-Floor is really easy. You just roll it out and trim the edges. There's no adhesive required but if you want, you can put down an adhesive tape at seams and edges. Double sided tape or a 3M 80 Rubber & Vinyl Spray Adhesive add extra leak protection and pull up easily should you want to remove it," continues Sneed.

Once you have flooring down, add cabinetry, organizational wall units and lighting. The right cabinets give you a place for everything so your work bench stays clear of clutter. With adjustable legs to keep them off the floor, you can sweep and hose out from underneath, and don't need to worry about things inside getting wet. Wall storage systems give you unused space to hang large tools and equipment that don't fit in a cabinet and keep them in plain sight for easy accessibility.

Lighting ties a space together and gives it the real workability you need. A few well-placed overhead lights with some additional spot lighting make your garage the work shop you always dreamed of.

Once you've finished sprucing up your garage, consider other uses for G-Floor. Basement storage rooms, wood shops and even laundry rooms can benefit from the protection that floor covering offers.

For some, the garage is the biggest room in the house. Start with floor decorating to bring your garage to its full potential and increase your home's value and your enjoyment of it.

Better Life Technology is based in Kansas. BLT products can be found at Menards home centers, Sam's Club, and COSTCO. New Metallic Silver Diamond Tread design is available online at CalCarCover.com. For more information, log on to www.bltllc.com or call (877) 810-6444 extension 21.

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