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Feng Shui 2003
Feng Shui - This article provides information on Feng Shui and its practical uses in building, design, and your personal environment.

Fireplace Designs : Updates and Remodeling
A fireplace is the center of your home and most often a focal point in your main room. Yet many of us bought homes from the 50s, 60s, and 70s with fireplaces that looks either out of proportion or terribly out-dated.

Home Design Software
News release of Plan3D describes how "Breakthrough Technology Brings Realism to Online Home Design Software".

House Plans, Online Buying Tips and Information
Flexible house plans are probably the best option for you. You don?t want your house to end being too big in the future. Choosing your house plans is a step which should be taken seriously.

Kitchen Lighting Tips
When trying to decide upon the type of lighting, think about the tasks that you carry out the most in the kitchen and the sort of movements you need to make in order to complete these tasks.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends
Results of a nationwide survey this spring of more than 500 kitchen dealers, sponsored by Decora? cabinets and Kitchen and Bath Design News.

Molding Installation Tips
You can create architectural highlights in any room by adding various moldings, with crown molding as a particularly attractive and charming feature. You can also solve a variety of problems with molding, such as lowering a very high ceiling, or adding a designer look to uninteresting doors, windows, and walls.

Orangeries - Planning & Design Tips
Traditionally orangeries were built on stately homes to host exotic plants which required a combination of light and warmth to flourish. In the early 17th century orange trees and pomegranates became popular features in orangeries in the large estates across Europe.

Selecting House Plans Tips and Information
Where will the house sit on the lot? You will have to decide this based on the total square footage of the house. What kind of features are you hoping to have. These are the things to consider, storage, a laundry room, a home office, a bathroom downstairs, a full bath upstairs, and a family room.

When to Use Built-in Cabinets
Storage is always at a premium in a small home. Even in larger homes, we find ourselves quickly filling up that extra closet or storage space. Sometimes the best place to store things right there in the room. That is where built-in furniture comes in.

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