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Kitchen Lighting Tips
When trying to decide upon the type of lighting, think about the tasks that you carry out the most in the kitchen and the sort of movements you need to make in order to complete these tasks.

Landscape and Low Voltage Lighting Information
This article provides tips and information on low voltage landscape lighting.

Light Up Your Life with Proper Lighting
Information on lighting in your home.

Power Outages: How Can Homeowners Prepare?
This "Power Outages: How Can Homeowners Prepare?" article provides tips and information on the planning of alternative backup power sources for your home.

Repairing A Door Chime or Doorbell
Repairing A Door Chime article provides how-to tips and information on door chime repair.

Solar Technology Saves Money
You could save up to 50 percent on your water heating bills and qualify for federal solar energy tax credits.

Track Lighting Installation Instructions
"Track Lighting Installation Instructions" article provides how-to tips and information on track lighting.

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