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Current Mortgage Rates and Online Debt Consolidation
Current mortgage rates are extremely low, so it?s a lucrative time to buy a home. Current rates will affect your monthly mortgage payment, but are not the only determining factor. Credit score, income, other debts, and purchase price also influence what your mortgage rate will be.

Direct Lending - Home Improvement Loans
Offers a thorough outline of everything you need to know when seeking or comparing home improvement loans. Topics include types of loans available, tips on comparing loans, no credit/bad credit, tax implications and benefits.

Hire a Income Tax Preparation Professional
Income tax preparation becomes tougher each year, the services of a paid income tax professional may be something to consider this year.

Home Equity Loans, Tips and Information
This 'Home Equity Loans: Compare Terms Carefully' article provides tips on seeking home equity loans and information when seeking a lender.

Home Loans, Mortgage Tips and Information
People are putting money into their houses to improve comfort, safety and protect their initial investment. According to the Remodeling Activity Indicator (RAI) used by Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies, homeowners continued to invest in their homes by spending almost $127 billion on remodeling in 2004 - up by almost 6 percent over 2003 levels.

Home Mortgages With Two Escrows
Buyers who are purchasing a new home while selling their old one try to close on both properties at the same time to ensure a smooth move. Although all parties may have the best of intentions, the properties may not close concurrently.

Home Remodeling - An Investment for the Future
Home Remodeling - An Investment for the Future contains information on remodeling your home as an investment.

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