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Article:: Make Gutter Clean-up Easier and Safer

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Make Gutter Clean-up Easier and Safer

(ARA) - Owning a home may be the American dream, but taking care of it can be a nightmare. Across the country, warm weather is prime time for clean-up and home improvement projects. Often postponed are outdoor chores like raking leaves and mowing the lawn, but most despised is the job of cleaning gutters. Each year, millions of Americans climb ladders to rid their gutters of gunk accumulated during the fall and winter months.

For homeowners like John Manos of northern New Jersey, anything that makes cleaning easier is a welcome relief. "I don't mind raking leaves too much -- but I'd be more than happy to never have to climb a ladder and clean out clogged gutters again."

Manos found a way to keep his ladder in the garage this season in Englert LeafGuard, which keeps debris out while channeling water away from the home. It is a seamless, one-piece aluminum complete gutter system -- not just a metal screen attachment or simple cover device -- and it is guaranteed not to clog with leaves, pine needles or other debris for as long as you own your home, or the company will clean your gutters for free.

The key to the system is its unique patented design. Based on the scientific principle of "liquid adhesion," the design draws rainwater down and around its hood until gravity and the water's weight cause the liquid to fall into the gutter. At the same time, leaves and pine needles simply pass over the gutter and fall to the ground, preventing backed up water that can rot a home's fascia board and soffits or promote leaks that can cause interior damage.

LeafGuard's clean, streamlined design also protects a home's exterior finish, landscaping and foundation from water damage. Available in 13 colors, it also adds an aesthetic element to its functionality. To ensure an accurate fit, the system is custom-fabricated right at the installation site, usually in a day or less.

Englert LeafGuard's lifetime, no-clog guarantee comes with a 20-year limited finish assurance against chipping, cracking and peeling. For more information about LeafGuard, call (800) LEAFGUARD or visit the company's Web site at www.LeafGuard.com for a dealer location near you.

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