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Article:: Whirlpool Tub Care and Cleaning Just Got Easier

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Whirlpool Tub Care and Cleaning Just Got Easier

(ARA) - Stressed out consumers are finding an antidote for hectic schedules in an unlikely place. They're outfitting their bathrooms with whirlpool tubs designed to soothe frazzled psyches with jets of soothing water.

Record numbers of new home buyers are specifying more and larger bathrooms, which are ideal for spacious whirlpools. At the same time, the bathroom is one of the leading areas for home renovation with increasing numbers of homeowners replacing traditional tubs in favor of therapeutic vessels that promise warm-water massages. Overall, the whirlpool tub market is growing at a rate of 5 to 7 percent annually, according to industry sources.

"In many ways, the phenomenal growth in whirlpool tubs is part of the overall spa movement," says Tom Santer, product director for American Standard, a producer of whirlpool tubs based in Piscataway, N.J. "The big advantage of the home whirlpool is you don't have to share it with anyone, and you can relax at any time, day or night."

Helping to contribute to the popularity of whirlpool tubs is new StayClean technology from American Standard that is making whirlpool tubs virtually carefree. StayClean tubs are built with self-draining jets and pumps and they also incorporate AlphaSan antimicrobial agents in pipes and other water contact areas.

Antimicrobial features are designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microbes deep inside the inner workings of the tub, which can result in biofilm or sludge. Consumers who select tubs fully outfitted with antimicrobial technology, such as StayClean, can avoid these complications and only need to do cleanings using chlorine bleach three or four times a year.

Consumers who opt for tubs without antimicrobial technology are encouraged to clean their tubs with chlorine bleach every week to guard against microorganisms and internal sludge growth.

"If your whole point in installing a whirlpool tub is to relax and enjoy yourself, then you also want care and cleaning to be minimal," Santer says. "For busy people, our new StayClean tubs with AlphaSan bring the assurance of a fresh water massage with a minimum of time-consuming bleach treatments."

AlphaSan antimicrobial was developed by Milliken & Company, a research and development organization based in Spartanburg, S.C. It is a silver-based technology, which makes it one of most effective guards against microbial growth in wet, dark areas. Because the antimicrobial is integrated into whirlpool components during component manufacturing, it lasts the life of the tub.

Prices for American Standard whirlpools start at less than $1,000 and for an additional $100 the StayClean option can be added to any tub model. StayClean protection is standard on American Standard's luxury Porcher line.

"StayClean whirlpool tubs represent the next generation of bathroom fixtures, which are more hygienic and easier to maintain," Santer says. "Consumers are demanding both features in their bath products, and advanced technology is enabling us to respond."

StayClean whirlpool tubs are available at leading home improvement and specialty plumbing stores nationwide. For more information, visit www.americanstandard.com.

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