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Article:: A Simple Way to Increase Outdoor Living Space

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A Simple Way to Increase Outdoor Living Space

(ARA) - For those homeowners looking to add to their living space, improve their lifestyle and increase the resale value of their home, the perfect solution is to extend your living area outdoors through the addition of decks, patios, outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas. The walls between the indoors and outdoors are coming down and we're seeing outdoor rooms and living areas that have all the features of indoor kitchens and family rooms.

One of the obvious solutions for increasing your outdoor living space is the development of the area beneath raised decks. You're seeing many of them add elaborate stone fireplaces, barbecue fire pits and professional grade kitchen set-ups to create comfortable outdoor settings that they're using more than the inside of their home.

Of course, the development of a usable, enjoyable space beneath your raised deck requires you to address one problem . . . rain. All of us who have raised decks know that the area beneath it becomes unusable when it rains because the water simply drips down through the decking. That's why the development of a new, innovative deck drainage system is drawing such rave reviews from homeowners and contractors nationwide.

Unlike other deck drainage systems available on the market, this exciting new system is installed above floor joists, allowing them to remain completely dry and thus protecting the structural integrity of your deck. Just as important is the fact that the above-joist installation ensures a dry environment for the installation of electrical wiring, gas lines and soffits. This means that ceiling fans, lighting, speakers, video electronics and outdoor kitchens can be installed, creating a fully-functional outdoor living room that provides true comfort and protection from the elements.

The real beauty of this system is its simplicity and ease of installation. Comprised of durable 20 ml, UV-protected plastic components, the system can be installed easily on any new or existing deck. Requiring only scissors and a staple gun, homeowners can install the system themselves or use a qualified deck builder. You simply place a downspout below the decking at the end of each bay, and roll out and staple the trough to the top of the joist. The water enters through the decking into the trough, drains to the downspout and then into a gutter (not included). It really is that simple.

This system is built to last because it is not subject to the accumulation of debris or freezing. This new deck drainage system is also much less expensive than most such systems and is backed by a 20-year limited warranty.

Enhance your outdoor lifestyle while adding value to your home. If you or your deck builder wants more information on the first deck enhancement system that makes sense, contact the professionals at RainEscape (formerly known as UnderCover) at (720)348-1385 or (877)348-1385 or visit their Web site at www.rainescape.com.

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