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Article:: Clogged Drain? You Can Fix it Yourself Without Harmful Chemicals

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Clogged Drain? You Can Fix it Yourself Without Harmful Chemicals

(ARA) - Why is it that drains get clogged only at the most inopportune time? Typically, you are hosting a party. Everything is running smoothly and then the remnants of hors d'oeuvres back up in your sink. Clean-up comes to a screeching halt. At the same time, beleaguered by the unusually high volume of use, the toilet clogs, and begins to overflow. Not only can this embarrass you and your guests, it also puts a serious damper on the festivities!

Until now, clearing your own drains has involved pouring not only dangerous chemicals, but also your money and energy, down the drain. According to a recent survey, the average American home gets a clogged toilet or drain between one and three times each year, which can add up to considerable costs and inconvenience. It is now possible to solve this common household problem quickly, safely, economically and all on your own with new CLR Power Plumber -- a pressurized drain opener that forces through build-ups of hair, soap and grease.

Instead of relying on expensive plumbers, harsh chemicals or the muscle needed for plunging, a quick blast of pressurized gas blows through the clog, not only clearing it away, but also cleaning and deodorizing as it works -- with no risk of damage to the plumbing. And, unlike most chemical drain openers, it can be used on toilets as well as sinks and drains.

A backed-up toilet can lead to unsanitary and messy situations in the bathroom. Since most chemical drain openers can't be used in toilets, the typical solution is to get "down and dirty" with a plunger or sewer snake. The Power Plumber is capable of clearing stoppages in both sinks and toilets, and is so simple to use -- generally one application will solve the problem in seconds.

It is no longer necessary to spend time and money on a plumber. When asked, 54 percent of Americans who have called a plumber to come and clear a clogged drain or toilet say they have paid $50 or more for the service (and 16 percent paid over $100). That's pretty expensive when compared to the cost of using CLR Power Plumber, which is about $1 per application, with up to 15 applications in every can.

Monthly usage of CLR Power Plumber can actually prevent clogs. "Never before has one product made it so simple and economical for homeowners to take charge of their own plumbing needs," says Beth Mackey, marketing director for CLR. "And what's more, it is safe for you and your family, as well as the environment -- with no chemicals, acids, lye or CFCs."

Harnessing the power of pressure in a can provides an effective economical solution that is safe for pipes, the environment and the family. So don't let your festivities be disrupted by a clogged toilet or drain. Reach for the CLR Power Plumber and your guests will never know there was a problem!

For more household tips, see what other CLR products can do for you or to locate a CLR Power Plumber retailer, log on to www.jelmar.com, or call (800) 323-5497.

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