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Article:: Bedrooms for All Kinds of Living

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Bedrooms for All Kinds of Living

(ARA) - The way we use our bedrooms has evolved over the years. Just as kitchens are now much more than rooms where food is prepared, bedrooms have transformed from simple places that house a mattress into retreats where residents relax, unwind, entertain and work. It may be the place where the family gathers to watch Saturday morning cartoons, or where couples sit by the window and enjoy a cup of coffee before work. Many bedrooms function as offices as well. But above all else, the bedroom should be a place to help you rest and restore for the next day. With some simple tricks, you can create a bedroom that works for all aspects of your life.

Building a foundation.

The most important function of your bedroom is to create a restful place to sleep. And a quality sleep often depends on the comfort of your sleeping surface. If you and your partner are tossing and turning, it may be time to invest in a new mattress. Be sure to shop together so both parties can try it before you buy it. If one person's motion tends to wake the other, consider a mattress with motion-control technology. The ComfortFlex from Spring Air uses multi-leveled, individually wrapped coils to create a surface that conforms to the individual needs of each sleeper. This type of sleep surface is ideal for couples who have different sleep schedules. If one person is up reading or working in bed, their movements will not affect the rest of the other person.

New pillows may be a good idea as well. Consider pillows designed specifically for back, side or stomach sleepers to avoid waking up with sore necks and shoulders.

Create a peaceful mood.

Snuggling up with family on a mattress to watch cartoons or a movie might be a great way to bond, but electronic gear doesn't do much for creating a haven of peace and quiet. Place TVs, DVD players and stereos inside armoires or hutches fitted with doors that match other bedroom furniture. Or hang curtain panels in rich fabrics or sheers in front of shelving for an easy way to hide equipment in an instant while adding texture and drama to the room.

Burning the midnight oil.

If your bedroom doubles as a workspace those stacks of papers and files could be robbing you of sleep. Seeing unfinished and pending projects does little to help you ease into a restful night. If you must have a desk in the bedroom, try a little camouflage. A rice-paper folding screen can block a cluttered view without disturbing projects. Rattan or wicker baskets help organize without the industrial look of a filing cabinet. If you like to work in bed, make sure you have a mattress that can accommodate you. A mattress like Spring Air's Back Supporter, with extra support at the edges, not just the middle, will give you the just right level of comfort no matter where you sit or lie.

A serene space.

Clutter can take away the peaceful feeling you worked so hard to create. Make an effort to move stacks of magazines or books out of the bedroom. Use under-bed storage bins to keep linens or out of season clothes from spilling out of closets. Keep ironing boards and laundry bins out of sight.

You spend hours in your bedroom every day. By making a few simple changes, you can ensure that your space performs well for far more than just sleeping.

For more information about Spring Air products, visit the company's Web site at www. springair.com.

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