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DIY Home Security Blog
Do it yourself tips on various topics of security and safety around the home. Includes home security products reviews.

Door Hardware Information and Tips
Door hardware is sometimes overlooked by homeowners and builders. It is seen as a way to cut corners and save money for the overall building budget, a small detail that gets pushed aside until the last minute and the possibility of using it as part of the decorating theme of the house is not seen.

Door Hardware Information and Tips - (2)
Some door hardware is made to where the latches can be adjusted from one backset to the other, but with most latches there are fixed to a certain backset. If you do not know the backset of your doors, upon request most companies will include both sizes at no additional charge to you.

Insurance Checklist For Filing a Claim
This article provides tips and information on creating an insurance checklist which makes filing a claim easier.

Power Outages: How Can Homeowners Prepare?
This "Power Outages: How Can Homeowners Prepare?" article provides tips and information on the planning of alternative backup power sources for your home.

Security Bars and Home Fire Safety
This article provides tips and information on security bars and home fire safety.

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